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Investors, traders, and entrepreneurs cite global macro factors as one of the biggest forces driving their business. We have entered a golden age of global macro, where inflation and monetary policy will become increasingly volatile and impact the world order in more ways than we can imagine. With greater volatility comes greater opportunity and risk.

I'm Geo Chen, a former FX trading desk head with over 20 years of experience at global investment banks. I’ve compounded my own trading capital at a triple-digit annualized rate, and that allowed me to leave corporate life years ago to be an independent trader and investor.

As a reader of global macro content myself, I've noticed two extremes - squishy content with no guidance on expressing views in trades, and technical indicators without any fundamental context. That's why I started Fidenza Macro - to deliver market insights while discussing how I express views in trades.

My goal is to help others achieve success in the markets. I post free trader education content, and for paid subscriptions I talk about how I’m expressing my views in my trading portfolio. A subscription is an investment in your trading process, and one insight or idea can pay for an entire year's subscription.

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Global macro views from a trader with over two decades of institutional trading experience. Compounding capital with triple digit returns and 100% skin in the game. Readers include hedge funds, banks, independent traders, and sovereign wealth managers.


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